* BITNA Tutorial


BITNA app could activate HOST / FOLLOW mode. BITNA in HOST mode could control other BITNA app in FOLLOW mode, with synchronized status.

image ① PATT.BANK button
Displays menu that allows to save/load patterns of BITNA.

② HOST button
If HOST button is touched, HOST mode will be activated with the button’s red light turning on. BITNA in HOST mode broadcasts BITNA messages to Wi-Fi network and tries to register its information to BITNA server.

③ FOLLOW button
As receiving BITNA messages from Host or BITNA server, BITNA app could follow the Host. If FOLLOW button is touched, A list of Host names will be displayed. (Annotated by * hosts are registered on BITNA server, within 0.5km/0.3mile from your location) And then you could pick a Host as well, your BITNA app can be synchronized the Host, as Follower.
If Follow mode activated, FOLLOW button will be turned on with red light.
If you don’t turn off Follow mode manually (In other words, if timeout or signal off has occurred and turned off Follow mode), your BITNA app will be trying to reconnect automatically to a last host you followed recently.

④ SUSPEND button
Suspend pattern’s visual effect temporarily.