BITNA Tutorial: 4. Additional components of Controller

* BITNA Tutorial


If you tapped outer space of controller, it appears whole controller as following image.

image ① Color Display
Colors using by visual effect. If it tapped a color, it will be removed. 

② +COLOR button
If tapped, Color Picker will be displayed. Using Color Picker you could add a color to Color Display.

③ Text Display
Displays text that used for text pattern. If tapped, an input form will be shown up.

④ Text Rotation button
Indicates text is landscape-rotated or not.

⑤ Settings button
Shows setting menu. 
  • Text to Display : Patterns displaying text will show this text on screen. There is a special control character: @@ will rotate text to landscape.
  • Tempo : Speed of visual effect. It also could be modified by tapping TEMPO button, but you could precise value in here.
  • Text Rotation : Whether the text is rotated to landscape or not. If this value is Yes, the text be displayed as landscape.
  • Text Font : Select a font for the text.
  • Beats to Keep Pattern : Visual effect can be kept between multiple beat count. For example, in Blink pattern, if Beats to Keep Pattern is 1, colors will be changed per one beat. But if Beats to Keep Pattern is 2, colors will be changed per two beats. (Patterns that Beats to Keep Pattern is not applied also exist)
  • Beats to Delay : Delaying current beat count with specified number in beats. This is useful when you want to start visual pattern on multiple devices. If current beat count is negative value(like -10) for using Beat Delay, anything is displayed on the screen.
  • Pattern Order on Follower : If Pattern Order on Follower enabled, device’s visual effect will be showed by follower’s order. If Pattern Order on Follower disabled, all visual effect will be same. Follower’s order is displayed on Info Display. (Patterns that Pattern Order on Follower is not applied also exist)
  • Host Name : If your device becomes HOST, this name will be displayed on other Follower’s screen.
  • Host Location : Region/country that BITNA is used in. This is for selecting which BITNA API server to connect in what region.
  • Recent Notice : Showing notice in recent.
  • About BITNA : Open this blog.
  • BITNA Facebook Page : Open BITNA Facebook page.
  • Rate This App : Connect to app market able to rate.
  • Current BITNA Version : Showing Current BITNA’s version.
  • Latest BITNA Version : Showing latest BITNA’s version.
  • Purchase Ad-remover : (iOS only) Buying In App Purchase product to remove advertisement.



– LOCK button
If Controller became to hide, LOCK button will be displayed shortly. If LOCK button is tapped and screen locked, Controller can’t be displayed.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2012. 3. 19. 오후 9.05.05 - Signal indicator
This shows network speed between Host and Follower, or between your device and the BITNA server. 3 Bars are for best condition.
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