BITNA 2.15 for Android is ready!

※ Recently, App Store’s registration process is so slow cause of the effect of App Store encryption glitch. Furthermore, BITNA 2.15 for iOS has rejected yesterday. I couldn’t figure out how long time takes my app off again, so I decided to release BITNA 2.15 for Android in advance.

Although the description of this post based on BITNA 2.15 for iOS, but it’s almost similar to Android’s version.


BITNA 2.15 for Android is ready!




Two major changes are applied to this 2.15 version:



- Setting Menu



If you've used a previous version of BITNA, you might notice that the arrangement of buttons is changed. At first, Setting selection buttons are changed to Text Rotation and Setting buttons. If the Setting button is clicked, a new setting menu will be shown up:



It's usual thing, but much easier than before setting selection type configuration. I've been forcing this GEEK interface to BITNA users, however, I should change my mind to spread my app more widely. There're some reasons at here, but I'll NOT mention about it.



- Pattern Bank



As you tap new button named 'PATT.BANK,' a Pattern Bank page will appear. Users can save their user pattern into, and load saved patterns from. This is useful when you need to change several patterns that have lot of texts.


So, enjoy all these functions : )



Share your light, BITNA.  

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