BITNA 2.0 is ready!

(한국어 링크)

BITNA 2.0 has released to App store and Android Market.

There are not so noticeable things facially, but catastrophe under the hood.
At now, BITNA can be synchronized through ANY internet connection!

BITNA 1.x had a restriction that BITNAs should connect to same WiFi access point for synchronization, but 2.0 don't have to like that.

BITNA 2.0 new features as follow:
  • Able to sync through ANY internet connections (3G/WiFi)
  • Added Beat Delay.
  • Added 'Ad Remover' In-App Purchase
※ If you have an issue for a “Select Location” issue in Korea, please update BITNA. We've changed our policy for this.

Wherever you are, whatever you have,

Share your light, BITNA. 



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